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Titanium Taking Off

From bicycles to airframe and engine parts, from automotive structures to dental implants, additive manufacturing with titanium powders is taking off. Called a “miracle metal” in some circles for its unique combination of properties, titanium and its cast and wrought alloys offer designers solutions to often challenging combinations of requirements for strength, shape memory, corrosion resistance and biocompatibility…

3D Metal Printing Magazine Design & Process Innovation

Additive Manufacturing–Simulation Key to a True Revolution

As 3D printing permeates the manufacturing landscape, it holds great promise….

3D Metal Printing Magazine Prototyping

Mass Customization Comes to Dentistry

As metal additive manufacturing continues to move from rapid prototyping…

3D Metal Printing Magazine Aerospace Biomedical Innovation Prototyping

A Metal-AM Industry Expert Peers Toward the Future

The overriding trend among users of 3D metal-printing technology, particularly those in regulated industries such as medical and aerospace…

3D Metal Printing Magazine Aerospace Design & Process Innovation

3D Metal Printing--What's Next?

Recognized additive-manufacturing industry leaders have evolved and now can start to…

3D Metal Printing Magazine Innovation

AM + Precision Machining = The Way Forward

That’s the equation for success at Imperial Machine & Tool, a New Jersey operation that combines metal additive…