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  1. share a good blog

  2. combination sale

  3. why to choose HE3D printer?

    Why to choose HE3D printer?
    1 we have worked in DIY 3Dprinter many years
    we have enough experience to make the printer good enough

    2 every year , our development team public new printers
    our researching on printer never stop

    3 our brand is located in low price printer, but the quality of our printer parts is the best in the same level printer

    3 we have good cooperation logistics company
    they can promise the shipping is the ...
  4. looking for a distributor for 3d printer and 3d scanner

    We are 3d printer and 3d scanner supplier from China, we are looking for distributors, we have high quality products and considerate service.we are factory direct sale, so the price is very low, this is my web: https://reprap3dprinters.aliexpress.com/store/1832054, it has more about our information. If you are interested, please contact me. our email is info@reprap.cn. our skype is reprap.cn.
    Thank you.
    Best regards
  5. HE3D 3d printer DIY kit

    we have upgraded the newest delta K280 large size printer kit.the print size is 280mm*600mm.compared to the old version delta,we have change the extruder position,and it is remote extruder.so that it is very easy to feed the filament.also we have upgraded the wheel quality and number.it is so perfect.and we also have many versions for the small size delta printer.if you need,please contact with me.
    the product entrance:https://reprap3dprinters.aliexpress.com/store/1832054.
    our email:info@reprap.cn ...
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