New 3D Printed Bio-Structure Can Help Your Body Regenerate Tissues

Researchers at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) are working to create a 3D printed bio-structure that can help the human body to heal itself. The structure, commonly called “scaffold”, is a combination of compatible polymers and biomaterials that can be used to grow new and healthy tissue inside a human body.

“Sometimes organs in the body, due to the magnitude of damage or compromised immunology, are not able to repair themselves, and we have to come up with external alternatives to help them replace themselves,” said Iris Rivero, professor of industrial and systems engineering at RIT. “What we are seeing today is bioprinting as a technology capable of generating customized platforms that can trigger the necessary signals needed to assist the body to repair itself.”

The research is a big step forward towards the creation of “smart” 3D-printed bone, skin and cartilage tissue replacement.



Categories: Biomedical