Girl with 3D-printed robotic hand to throw first pitch at World Series game

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A seven-year-old Las Vegas girl with a 3D-printed robotic hand will throw out the first pitch in game four of the upcoming World Series.

“Hailey Dawson was born with Poland syndrome and is missing three fingers on her right hand. Hailey’s mom, Yong Dawson, began looking into robotic prosthetics when her daughter was four. However, most robotic prostheses are sized for adults and the already small market for pediatric prostheses shrinks markedly when you exclude families who can’t afford to buy new models every couple years to accommodate growing children.”

“At the time, Dawson couldn’t find any companies that could fit Hailey with a robotic hand for a reasonable cost. So, she turned to some clever students at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.”



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