Early Stage: The startup 3D printing human organs to save lives

Thumbnail courtesy of mercurynews.com

A San Francisco-based startup, Prellis Biologics, is working on building human organs using a unique 3D printing technology in order to ease the long wait times patients face on the transplant wait list.

“If a patient needed a new liver, for example, doctors would take a biopsy from his or her existing liver, and the Prellis scientists would harvest those liver cells and cultivate them, allowing them to multiply until there were enough to create a new organ. Then the scientists would embed those cells into a collagen-based goo, and use a laser light to shape the mixture into a liver.”


“We think we’re going to extend the lives of millions of people with this technology,” said Noelle Mullin, who co-founded the startup in 2016 with fellow scientist Melanie Matheu.

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