Bulgarian Patient Receives the First 3D printed Rib Transplant

Ivaylo Josif is the first Bulgarian patient to have ever received a 3D printed rib. The unique practice had been executed only a few times before in the world and never in Bulgaria.

The doctors chose 3D printing because it could guarantee a perfect replica of the original rib shape, both in thickness and curvature.

“This is a new era in thoracic wall reconstruction for patients with tumors that require bone-cartilage structures to be removed,” said Professor Minchev, Head of the Cardiothoracic Surgery Department at Tokuda Hospital. “The material used has proven tissue compatibility and the accuracy of reproduction allows for large chest wall resections and their single substitution with individually designed implants.”

The success of the operation is leading doctors to plan new ways to involve 3D printing technology in their future projects and there are no doubts that we will see many more patients receiving 3D printed implants


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