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Always Have These Basic Supplies On Hand

Make your life and 3D printing projects so much easier by keeping these basic supplies in stock.

Design & Process

From FDM to Resin

Would you consider a resin 3D printer? If so, make sure you have all the information.

Design & Process

3D Printing Info Starter Pack

You gotta start somewhere. Kick start your 3D printing experience now!

Design & Process Innovation

What's Next? 3D Printing in 2020

Manufacturers are becoming nothing but more reliant on additive manufacturing and making big moves to expand any 3D printing efforts in the upcoming year. So, here’s to 3D Printing in

Design & Process

Pros and Cons of 3D Printing File Formats

Consistent file formats will lead to clear communication which leads to good collaboration…

Design & Process

Miniature Metal Michelangelo's David

Print a miniature version of The David by Michelangelo in copper…

Aerospace Innovation

Commercial Space Travel

Thanks to 3D printing, Virgin Airlines is expecting to make commercial flights to space realistic.

Design & Process Product news and reviews

Affordable Filament Drying

Make sure your filament is dry so you produce the best 3D prints possible…

Aerospace Innovation

The Rocket Industry Reinvented

Massive AI robots are 3D printing entire rockets for use not only on Earth but on Mars.


3D Printed Water Filter

Researchers in Sonora, Mexico are working solve water accessibility problems.