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The biggest collection of 3D models is coming to life

The “Global Digital Museum” will be a collection of 3D models from all the museums around the world…


A New Way of Storing Clean Energy

What if we could use 3D printing to effectively store energy coming from renewable sources?


New Amendment Paves the Way to Open 3D Printed Materials

Good news for all the makers around the U.S…


Reinventing Chocolate for the Digital Age

This chocolate prints almost look too pretty to eat…


Introducing a New 3D-Printed Cement That Will Make Buildings Indestructible

Inspired but the complex structure of arthropods shells, researchers developed a new technique to 3D print cement…

Biomedical Innovation

3D Printing Makes Its Way in the Courtroom

“Does anyone question DNA anymore? It will be the same for 3D printing!”

Biomedical Innovation

How Will 3D Printing Reshape the Future of Pharmacy

The pharmacy of the future? Personalized pills 3D printed at home…

Design & Process

3D Printing Vehicles at Local Motors

Local Motors uses all types of 3D printers to manufacture prototypes, tools, and large end-use parts for its smart vehicles…


Dubai Plans on 3D Printing Buildings

Dubai, the city that is famous for being the home of the highest skyscraper in the world, has now a new strategy to become a unique architectural destination…


U.S. Army Lab Converts Water Bottles Into 3D Printer Materials

One of the main problems in the modern world is plastic wastage. A multitude of laboratories around the world is committed to finding a way to resolve…