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3D Printing is the Best Application For Transparent Components

Between cost and quality, 3D printing is the best application to use when printing transparent product components…

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3D Printing Market Will Reach $41 Billion by 2026

New report forecasts the global 3D printing market to reach $41 billion by 2026…

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3D Printed Shoe by Nike

Nike is never afraid to experiment and we see it again with their 3D printed shoe, the Zoom Vaporfly…

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Keep Your Filament Dry With These Storage Options

Minimize frustrations and produce better prints. All you have to do is keep your filament dry…


Sports Are Incorporating More Additive Manufacturing Processes

Additive Manufacturing technology is changing the sporting industry…

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Solar Powered, 3D Printed Car

Australian based competition challenges students to create solar powered, 3D printed…

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3D Printed Skin Grafts

To be able to make 3D printed skin grafts would be a complete game changer. See how living skin including blood vessels are now being 3D printed and how it

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Lower 3D Printing Costs

Here are the best ways to cut your 3D printing costs…

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IKEA hacks you can 3D print…

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3D Printing: A Lung Hazard

Discussion has escalated around whether or not 3D printing negatively affects lung health and NIOSCH researchers are making their case.  Inhalation of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and ultra-fine particles from