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Aerospace Innovation

Commercial Space Travel

Thanks to 3D printing, Virgin Airlines is expecting to make commercial flights to space realistic.

Design & Process Product news and reviews

Affordable Filament Drying

Make sure your filament is dry so you produce the best 3D prints possible…

Aerospace Innovation

The Rocket Industry Reinvented

Massive AI robots are 3D printing entire rockets for use not only on Earth but on Mars.


3D Printed Water Filter

Researchers in Sonora, Mexico are working solve water accessibility problems.

Innovation Product news and reviews

3D Print Smithsonian Artifacts

The Smithsonian has given the public the capability of 3D printing models of their exclusive artifacts…

Design & Process Innovation

3D Printing Without Support Structures?

Could 3D printing without support structures really be possible…


Two Major Approaches For Cooling

Two new approaches involving a 3D printed concept will greatly improve cooling mechanism efficiency…


Stratasys Brings 3D Technology to Rail Industry

Rail Industry Solutions will help keep passenger trains moving with on the go part production…

Design & Process Innovation

3D Print Transparent Glass

A German startup called Glassomer has discovered how to 3D print transparent glass…

Design & Process Innovation

AI-Software for Metal 3D Printing

Inspire Print3D is a simulation AI-software for metal 3D printing…