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Architecture Design & Process

Three reasons why 3D printing will transform bathroom and kitchen design

What are the advantages of having 3D printed elements in your kitchen or bathroom?


Made In Space Gets One Step Closer To 3D Printing In Orbit

The company successfully demonstrated the additive manufacturing and robotic capabilities of Archinaut…


New 3D Printed Bio-Structure Can Help Your Body Regenerate Tissues

A big step forward towards the creation of “smart” 3D-printed bone, skin and cartilage tissue replacement…

Architecture Innovation

3D Printing and Construction: the Time Has Come

Startups leveraging additive technology are headed in the right direction…

Design & Process Innovation

Reducing Greenhouse Emissions with 3D Printing

GE sees additive manufacturing as a solution to climate change…

Design & Process Innovation

VOLVO Relies on 3D Printing to Combat Plastic Pollution

Volvo draws on biomimicry to rebuild Sidney’s polluted coast…


3D Printing on the Moon

What would you 3D print on the Moon, to make it feel like home?


U.S. Army 3D Prints the First Concrete Bridge

“It would be phenomenal if we could make a bridge that could support a tank”


A New Frontier in Human Cornea Transplants

Researchers develop 3D printable corneas using human tissue…