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3D printing

3D Opportunities for Girls

MakerGirl, is creating opportunities for girls in 3D printing to ensure the field is equitable…


Challenges of 3D Printing in Space

Some challenges of 3D printing are interfering with human colonization in space…

3D printing

Choosing the Right 3D Printer

Make sure you select the right 3D printer for your job shop…


Recycled Plastic Filament

Impressive strides toward sustainable 3D printing with recycled plastic filament…

3D printing

Painting your 3D Prints

Best practices for painting your 3D prints…


First 3D Printed Pedestrian Bridge

The first 3D printed pedestrian bridge achieves complete design freedom…

3D printing

Ultimate Material Guide

It can be difficult to choose between 3D printing materials, with the overwhelming amount of options. Look no further than this ultimate material guide. This guide will allow you to

3D printing

Expected Breakthroughs in 3D Printing

expect these 5 3D printing breakthroughs…

3D printing

Glass is the Best Surface

All the reasons you should be printing on glass as opposed to other surfaces…

3D printing

Renewed Interest in Material Jetting

Recent advances in material jetting are getting AM junkies excited.