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Wind Turbines Waste Turns into 3D Printing Filament

Engineers at the Canadian McGill University and Ryerson University are turning the wind turbine waste into a a PLA 3D printing material….


Underwater 3D Printing

Underwater additive manufacturing technology will solve problems relating to the repairing of seabed-level pipelines…

Design & Process Prototyping

Differentiating the Top Three 3D Printing Techniques

Read on to learn more about those different techniques and how they translate throughout the six step 3D printing process…

Design & Process Innovation

Texture Your 3D Prints for Stiffness and Strength!

Adding texture to your 3D prints makes them more exciting to look at, and stronger. Learn all the details of 3D printing texture and how different materials react to the process…

Design & Process

Dual Extrusion, A 3D Printing Game Changer

The days of single extrusion limitations are over. Dual extrusion 3D printing sounds like there are only options for two printing systems within one, however…

Design & Process

Tips for 3D Printing Beginners

If you’ve started your 3D printing journey, you know that perfecting this craft takes knowledge and practice. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to ensure…

Design & Process

Smoothing 3D Prints to Improve Performance, Specifically PLA

YouTuber Major Hardware discusses whether or not smoother prints actually perform better than prints with heavy and exposed layer lines…

Architecture Innovation

A Wasp Nest Inspired 3D Printed House

The design of this pod like structure was inspired by a potter wasp hive that is found on the northern hemisphere. The hive is made of mud and shaped like a pot. That is exactly why TECLA looks the way it does…

Consumer goods Design & Process

Consumer 3D Printing - Here's What Needs to Happen

What improvements need to be made to consumer 3D printing (the 3D printer itself, air quality, filament, files, etc.) to…

Design & Process

"Morphing Nozzle" Aligns Fibers and Results in Stronger Prints

Until now, attempts at making filament stronger could be considered fails because they just weren’t consistent. Those attempts involved mixing…