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Design & Process

Tips for 3D Printing Beginners

Compiled are some helpful tips and tricks to ensure that you’re start to 3D printing isn’t so intimidating.

Design & Process

Smoothing 3D Prints to Improve Performance, Specifically PLA

YouTuber Major Hardware discusses whether or not smoother prints actually perform better than prints with heavy and exposed layer lines…

Architecture Innovation

A Wasp Nest Inspired 3D Printed House

The design of this pod like structure was inspired by a potter wasp hive that is found on the northern hemisphere. The hive is made of mud and shaped like a pot. That is exactly why TECLA looks the way it does…

Consumer goods Design & Process

Consumer 3D Printing - Here's What Needs to Happen

What improvements need to be made to consumer 3D printing (the 3D printer itself, air quality, filament, files, etc.) to…

Design & Process

"Morphing Nozzle" Aligns Fibers and Results in Stronger Prints

Until now, attempts at making filament stronger could be considered fails because they just weren’t consistent. Those attempts involved mixing…

Design & Process Innovation

New Business Models for 3D printing

To get a clearer understanding of the different business models and what they entail, check out this guide…

Design & Process

Achieving the Perfect Finish with PETG

Do you know how to achieve a smooth finish with PETG filament? Here are some helpful techniques…

Design & Process

Keep Your 3D Printer Bed Clean

Depending on the type of bed your printer has, there are different tips and tricks for cleaning your bed plate…

Design & Process

A Successful Print Starts with the First Layer

If the initial layers are not done right, expect to waste time and filament as the final print, put bluntly, will be set up for failure…

Design & Process

Which 3D Printer? Resin Or Filament?

Figuring out if you need a resin or filament 3D printer? Let’s review the advantages and disadvantage to help you select the right one for…