Dubai Plans on 3D Printing Buildings

Dubai, the city that is famous for being the home of the highest skyscraper in the world, has now a new strategy to become a unique architectural destination.

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The city recently launched 3D Printing Strategy, a global initiative that aims at positioning he UAE and Dubai as a leading hub of 3D printing technology. The goal? 3D printing one-quarter of the new buildings by 2025.

The city is not new to this type of initiatives. In 2015 Killa Design printed the world’s first fully functional and permanently occupied 3D printed office as a result of a plan to build the first 3D printed structure in the world.

The project was completed thanks to a 3D printer featuring an automated robotic arm. The arm was designed to implement the printing process which lasted 17 days and was installed on site in two days.

The office is currently home of the Dubai Future Foundation, an entity founded by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum with the idea of leveraging strategic sectors to shape the future of Dubai.

The Foundation stated that the 3D printing Strategy’s ultimate goal is to “redefine productivity”. The initiative is in fact expected to cut costs in the medical and construction sector and restructure economies and labor markets.

Dubai municipality’s regulations will start in 2019 with a gradual increase to the strategic 2025 goal.




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