Made In Space Gets One Step Closer To 3D Printing In Orbit


If you’ve been following the news about space colonization and additive manufacturing, you are probably already familiar with Made In Space.
The California-based company specializes in developing solutions that leverage 3D printing technology to colonize space.
The company recently got one step closer to their goal.
Made In Space in fact recently, and successfully, demonstrated the additive manufacturing and robotic capabilities of Archinaut, a floating factory that is designed to build satellites in orbit.

To do so they recreated the same environmental conditions that satellites experience during Low Earth Orbit (LEO), and demonstrated some of the operations that the robotic system would execute in orbit.
The operations were monitored and inspected by an internally developed camera system.

Archinaut’s successful performance in the testing validates the readiness of the technology to be deployed in the space environment.

“We are very proud of our team for achieving this critical proof point that ultimately lines us up for operational missions with customers in both government and commercial sectors,” commented Andrew Rush, President & CEO of Made In Space. “We look forward to the next steps of preparing Archinaut-enabled missions for flight.”



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