The Beginner's Guide to 3D Printing You Always Needed

Are you wanting to break into the 3D printing arena? There’s no better time than right now! The opportunities that 3D printing open seem to be endless. From all the different 3D printing approaches to different materials to print with, it can be overwhelming when trying to determine where to start. The first step is understanding the different options you have and which would be best for your situation and project. If only you had a beginner’s guide to get started…

Well, here ya go! The Complete beginner’s guide to 3D printing – Assembly, tour, slicing, levelling and first prints video to understand everything 3D printed related. The video covers how to assemble your printer, and walking you through common confusions associated with getting started with the technology. Although the breakdown is featured on an Ender 3 model, there are still beginner techniques that are not Ender 3 specific.

A challenge associated with 3D printing can be the software. Software is the language in which your 3D printer understands and the way in which the printer will turn your digital design into one you can hold in your hands. There are many options to choose from so understanding the needs of your project is imperative. The file format in which your project will be communicated is important and STL is by far the easiest out of the bunch and is in fact supported by many different software.



Happy 3D printing! Share your printing experiences with us in the comments!