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    Stratasys uPrint reset – the easy way:

    When I was introduced to our Stratasys uPrint machine and I heard about the ridiculous expensive cartridges, which are just normal ABS, I thought that there must be a way to reset the chips of the cartridges.

    I looked at the Internet, but I couldn’t find anything about resetting them for this type of machine.

    Later then I found in this forum an instruction how to reset it by using the DIAG Port, but the handling with the Serial Terminal wasn’t that convenient.

    So I changed the “Cartridgewriter” Program to read the Eeprom directly over the DIAG Port and also to rewrite the Cartridge in one go.

    You can download my program here:

    Note: If the cartridge is completely empty, you can’t fill it up any more, so you have to leave always some quantity left.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in english or german.

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    Great, thank you!
    Do you plan to add the support for changing the quantity?
    Refill gewuenscht? PM auch gerne auf Deutsch!
    Printer: Stratasys Dimension sst 1200es | HP Designjet 3D (aka Stratasys uPrint)
    Refill-Systems: RPi 3 B & Arduino UNO clone

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